Friday, March 25, 2011

Yes, your child is welcome at White Swan Inn

Children at a B&B? Bring your pet to a B&B? Today's bed and breakfast properties aren't just for romantic getaways. At White Swan Inn in Whitehall, we have welcomed numerous families over the years. I have enjoyed meeting some really great kids, watching them grow in subsequent visits. Our room journals are filled with carefully printed comments and clever drawings illustrating the fun experiences that our young guests have enjoyed. Guests from Ann Arbor wrote, "Thanks for taking children. Tyler loved it here and will remember this vacation fondly." And kids love the big bathtubs in the Cygnet Suite and the Covell Room.

Guests from California posted on TripAdvisor, "Can't recommend them enough; you feel like family in their beautifully-appointed home. Plus, they were very comfortable having our 5 year old boy staying with us in our room...and their two cats kept him entertained throughout our visit." Many comments in the journals and the online reviews make mention of our cats. Max and Cricket garner as many compliments as do our delicious breakfasts.

In addition to the children, I have also met some great pets. It is easier in the off-season to welcome a guest's dog to White Swan Inn, as we don't have as many guests coming and going. When talking to a potential guest about bringing their dog, I always reiterate that we have two house cats. Most of the time, our cats make themselves scarce when they sense that a dog is visiting. Friendly, well-traveled dogs seem like such a natural in a B&B.

Check out for yourself the welcoming atmosphere at White Swan Inn in Whitehall with your child or pet.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Breakfast at a B&B is a Better Way to Start Your Day!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Delicious, amazing, wonderful are a few of the adjectives used to describe breakfast at White Swan Inn in Whitehall. Food allergies and diet restrictions do not limit the variety of delicious food served at today's B&B properties. At White Swan Inn, I am very aware of some guest's limitations and plan accordingly. When guests inform me of food or diet issues, I am readily prepared to exceed their expectations with fabulous food that will fit into their regimen.

Allergic to soy, wheat, nuts, dairy or whatever; espousing a vegan or vegetarian approach to food? Not a problem. A recent guest review posted at Bed & "breakfast was delicious even for a diabetic." "We felt at home and the hosts were really nice and made us a special vegetarian breakfast - to die for!" is a comment posted at TripAdvisor which affirms that taking care of our guests at White Swan Inn is of primary importance.

In addition to accommodating diet requirements, I am also sensitive to guest schedules. Have an early tee-time or a business meeting or are a late sleeper? Again, not a problem. Flexibility is the key. And a comment from one of our guest journals, "We enjoyed our breakfast conversation with the other guests - wonderful company and great food" sums up what the B&B experience is all about. Remember breakfast is half the equation: Bed and Breakfast, a Better Way to Stay!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bed, Breakfast and Bath

The scenario of a shared bath at contemporary B&B is an oxymoron. What existed 20-25 years ago, no longer holds true in the current bed and breakfast industry. Yes, there may be a few properties that still offer a shared bath but they are few and far between.

Today's B&B bathrooms have become a retreat unto themselves. At the White Swan Inn, the bath in the Cygnet Suite is quite generous in size and has a very relaxing air-jet whirlpool tub, blending a vintage look with modern technology. Add a large ceramic-tiled shower, a sink set into a birds-eye maple dresser, a separate room for the toilet with an additional pedestal sink and our guests agree that this bathroom has the "wow" factor. Compliment the space with hand-made soaps and Turkish cotton towels and guests don't want to leave.

Experience for yourself a relaxing getaway and a "Better Way to Stay" at White Swan Inn in Whitehall.